We’re continuing our blog stream on signs of infidelity. View our previous post here, as it contains further signs you can learn about.

Your Partner Is on the Defensive

If your partner is overly defensive when you question their activities, they may be trying to hide the fact that they’re currently unfaithful. Take note if your partner is overly offended at a line of questioning.

Your Partner Is Gone Often

If your partner’s schedule is changing, they may be pursuing another relationship. Mind any significant increases in their work schedules or meetings. If your partner claims to be working increased hours on the job, it may be an excuse to veil their infidelity.

Your Partner’s Appearance Changes Significantly

If your partner begins to change their appearance significantly, they may be aiming to impress another person. Look for noteworthy changes in how they dress themselves. Has your partner vastly changed their hairstyle?

Your Partner Is More Active

If your partner is working out more often than usual, they may be attempting to impress another person. Sudden changes in a workout routine, or a sudden increase in a workout schedule, may be a sign that your partner is cheating.

Your Spouse Doesn’t Wear Their Ring

If your spouse or fiance won’t commit to wearing their ring, and they don’t have a reasonable excuse, they may be rethinking your relationship, or they may be pursuing another relationship.

You’ve Caught Your Partner Lying

If your partner has lied to you, and you have proof that they’ve lied, it’s more likely that they’re cheating on your relationship. Again – like all of these signs of infidelity – they aren’t concrete proof of infidelity alone.