private investigator
Private Investigator Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

There are many reasons to hire a private investigator, including figuring out if you’ve been bugged. A private investigator can come into your home, business, vehicle, and even your phone to look for any type of listening or tracking device that may be being used against you. Don’t panic if you have been bugged. Hire a private investigator for any of these debugging services.

Hidden Listening Device and Video Searches

Bugs are usually very tiny and hard to find. They can be placed inside your home, on your clothing, and in your electronic devices. Some emit radio frequency waves which are easier to track, but those frequencies may be turned off. A private investigator has special equipment and training to look for those devices that may not be easily found through regular searching. If your private information is inexplicably getting out into the world, you might be bugged. Having a private investigator do a search will give you peace of mind in knowing that any and all bugs will be found and removed.

GPS Tracking Searches

GPS tracking is also prone to be tapped. A private investigator can look at your phones, tablets, computers, and even your internet to make sure they are secure and haven’t been tampered with. Even with secure servers and countermeasures, you are still at risk. A private investigator may be your best bet to finding if any information has been leaked.

Private Investigation on Who Bugged You

Once the devices have been found, the next step is to find out who wanted you bugged. A private investigator can conduct counter-surveillance to find out who placed devices in your home or business. By collecting evidence and tracking where your data was transmitted, a private investigator will be able to find if the surveillance on you is legal or illegal and find either a location or a person responsible. In the case of illegal activity, the information you receive from a private investigator can be used to charge whoever is responsible for tracking you.

Finding out you have been bugged is a scary thing, especially since you didn’t know you were being watched. An invasion of privacy is not something you should take lightly or hope will go away on its own. Call All Private Investigations LLC for a free consultation for all of your private investigation needs. We can be reached at (631) 759-1414 or through the contact form here. Don’t live in fear, let us give you peace of mind.