Photo by Alexander Lum on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Lum on Unsplash

Losing someone close to you is hard enough when you have all the facts, but what if you’re left with a mystery about what happened to your loved one? Living the nightmare of an unsolved case from your past is enough to drive you crazy. But is it too late to get closure? Absolutely not. The professionals at All Private Investigations will work hard to get you the answers you deserve for your cold case. Let’s look at four ways that our team will try to help solve a cold case from your past.

We’re Trained Investigators

The team at All Private Investigations is composed of former law enforcement officers with years of experience in following all leads. We will follow any and all leads to get the answers that you and your family need to move forward. As members of law enforcement, our team has been trained in all aspects of investigation, and we understand the rules and regulations as they pertain to your cold case.

We’re Dedicated to Your Case

Unlike traditional law enforcement personnel, we’re only working one case at a time: yours. We understand the sensitive nature of your situation, and we will not rest until we’ve explored every possibility. Our team will pursue a resolution to your concerns as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 

We’re Experts Who Can Testify

Once we’ve reached the end of your cold case, we’ll help you move forward with any criminal or civil litigation required. As registered and bonded private investigators, our team of private investigators will serve as credible witnesses for your side of the case. If we’re not required to testify, we will still happily provide detailed records about your case to the appropriate authorities. 

We’re Available Whenever You Need Us

Now that you’ve seen a brief overview of how our team can support your cold case investigation, let the team at All Private Investigations help you move forward. Not knowing is tough enough without having to search for answers all alone. We believe that every cold case deserves resolution, and every surviving family member deserves closure. When you’re ready to learn more, contact All Private Investigations!