Photo by Ryan Park on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan Park on Unsplash

When someone you care about goes missing, it’s easy to feel helpless. It can be particularly challenging when law enforcement time limits require you to wait before filing a missing persons report. Statistics suggest that the first 72 hours are the most crucial in gathering clues that can bring someone home safe and sound. When you need someone else in your corner as you begin the search for a missing loved one, consider how a private investigation can be the key to solving the mystery.

They Can Contact the Police For You

Private investigators are often former police officers who understand the complicated nature of police protocols. While the police may not be able to assist right away, they can get the word out to other police departments and law enforcement agencies. Having a larger group of professionals on the case can ease your mind and yield results more quickly.

They Can Gather Physical Evidence

While police are the primary source for gathering physical evidence, the abilities of an individual police department may be limited. When you partner with All Private Investigations, the search for your missing loved one can go anywhere. Our team of licensed private investigators will use all available resources to find answers for you!

They Can Do Background Checks

Private investigators regularly conduct background checks on victims, potential suspects, and other persons of interest. While background checks may not yield results for innocent people, the opposite can also be true–secrets hidden deep in the background can be revealed and offer clues to the disappearance.

They Can Go Beyond What the Police Can Do

As we’ve already established earlier, it doesn’t hurt to remind you that private investigators have fewer restrictions on their activities. While private investigators will always follow local, state, and federal laws, they have the ability to spend more time solving a case than police can. There is no time limit on how long a private investigator can spend on a case–many of these professionals will not rest until you have closure on your missing persons case.

They Can Find Your Loved One

When the going gets tough and you have exhausted your current search options, hire a private investigator to get the answers you can’t get on your own. When the police have given up, the private investigators at All Private Investigations are trained to solve your missing persons case. When you feel like you’re hitting a dead end, contact All Private Investigations, or you can call us at (631) 759-1414 to schedule a free consultation. Let us help you get closure.