Insurance Investigation Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

Insurance fraud is a risky game to play. You can try to be careful and think you’ll get away with it, but there’s always a way to be found out. Insurance investigation is a huge business, and private investigators have many techniques to procure information that insurance companies don’t have access to. And all of that information can be used in a court of law. Read on for reasons to not commit insurance fraud.

Investigation of Health Statements

Any time you commit insurance fraud, there’s a paper trail of the services you received. During an insurance investigation, these statements will be looked at and compared to any other evidence a private investigator can find. If something doesn’t match up, they’ll know you had a service paid for that you really shouldn’t have. This also applies to life and disability insurance. If you’re trying to get money for a disability you don’t have or are faking death to get a payout, the paper trail will be your undoing.

Investigation Through Surveillance

Speaking of life and disability insurance, you have to be careful of surveillance if you want to commit fraud. Through video, audio, and GPS surveillance technology, a private investigator can find out what you’re doing during their investigation. Surveillance also includes looking through computers, phones, and any other information a court deems necessary to review. If there is incriminating information available, a private investigator will find it.

Investigation Through Background Checks

Private investigators also have the ability to conduct background checks. If you’ve been convicted of insurance fraud before, a quick background check will let them know. This will then make you a suspect for further fraudulent attempts. Background checks can also reveal health history, past residences, and any other information that a private investigator might find useful. If enough information is found, a lawyer can use this to charge you of insurance fraud. There’s nowhere to hide from your past indiscretions.

At All Private Investigations, LLC, we can help you fight – whether you are an insurance company or someone charged with insurance fraud. An insurance investigation can be scary even if you haven’t done anything wrong. And insurance companies don’t have the resources to check out every claim themselves. We will be there to help get to the truth of the situation. To hire us as your private investigator, give us a call at (631) 759-1414. Don’t settle for less than the truth.