1. 3 Ways a PI Can Help You with Your Litigation

    A private investigator (PI) can help you find relevant information and people. It really depends on what you need a PI to do for your litigation support. For instance, you can benefit from a PI in finding documentation such as court records, vital statistics, property ownerships, vehicle records, photographs, and witness statements. Interviewing Relevant Parties Private investigators are allowed t…Read More

  2. Private Investigators and Litigation Support

    Hire a private investigator if you are ever facing litigation. With the help of your lawyer and a private investigator, any evidence, testimony, and missing details can be uncovered so there are no surprises in the courtroom. Litigation support NYC is important and should be done by someone you trust. Why not use former law enforcement? Conducting Interviews A private investigator can conduct inte…Read More

  3. Call a Private Investigator for Litigation Support

    Today’s society relies heavily on litigation support to solve problems for businesses and individuals. Private investigators are trained to compile facts so that attorneys have the information they need.  In addition, private investigators can provide evidence and testify at court proceedings. Assistance with Legal Proceedings Nearly every area of the law will benefit from the support of privat…Read More